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Fursuit Glasses, Foldable, with lens, Giant Glasses for Furrys, white

Fursuit Glasses, Foldable, with lens, Giant Glasses for Furrys, white

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Our remarkable 3D-printed foldable glasses are an absolute must-have for fursuiters, cosplayers, and anyone seeking a stylish statement for conventions and similar events. If you're envisioning a different design, reach out to us and our adept team will craft a new shape just for you!

In terms of size, our glasses measure approximately 34 cm in length.Embracing cutting-edge 3D printing technologies endows us with myriad advantages, enabling the creation of products that were previously inconceivable through traditional means. Our production material of choice is PLA, an eco-friendly plastic derived from cornstarch. This modern alternative not only promotes environmental sustainability but also prioritizes your well-being. Let's protect our planet together!

A few important notes to consider:
• This listing exclusively encompasses the glasses – no fursuit head is included. The accompanying photo serves as a demonstrative example.
• It's possible for 3D-printed products to exhibit minor aesthetic imperfections, which in no way affect their structural integrity or visual appeal.
• The showcased images are representative illustrations of the final product.
• Should multiple items be purchased, they might be dispatched separately.
• While we offer full support to ensure a smooth delivery, we cannot be held responsible for shipping delays, customs duties, or courier-related issues. Your satisfaction remains our utmost priority.
• In the event of a return, a 50% reimbursement of the item cost (excluding shipping fees) is applicable due to material expenses.
• If your country isn't listed for available shipping, kindly reach out to us so we can explore potential solutions.

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